Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jobs' Cancer

October 25' 2011
I saw on TV last night (Sixty Minutes) that Steve Jobs thought he could cure the cancer with his vegan diet.

I admire his determination to avoid drugs and surgery, for that is my inclination also, but there's some things he missed the boat on, as is plainly clear. Otherwise he'd still be with us.

My take is that cancer, like body-odor,is not caused mainly by what a person consumes. And therefore, there's not much chance to stop it or alleviate either condition solely by what materials a person consumes, vegan or no.

I feel that a nutritious diet will help ANY situation (some conditions more than others), but some conditions have a way of needing something mindful also. I think firstly a person (the victim or the patient) must admit his/her need for help.

If a person simply thinks their way of nutrition is going to win the battle, they don't realize yet that it IS a battle. And that's their first mistake. This Steve Jobs-battle was a fight for LIFE, and that's often, as we know, how cancer rolls.

To everyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, as I was, in '06' (of this century):
My first reaction was to tell no one. I wanted it to be my secret. I felt my FEAR Would increase exponentially, if others knew. I also felt - and here's that "magical thinking" - that if no one knew, I could actually stop and destroy my cancer by myself.

Lone Ranger, that's me. Turns out it's a common reaction. And there ya go, headed for the grave alone.

Luckily, I wound up talking briefly to a counsellor, after a month or two, and she gave me some judicious tips. She said "Use buzzwords" and she said to use them LOUDLY. The buzzwords were CANCER, HELP, DRIVERS. Next thing I knew people were lined up at my church, scheduling my trips to get the radiation and the chemo. Instead of keeping secrets, this counsellor helped me help others to save my life.

It's a shame to lose him; I'm sure he is still haunting Apple environs, he was a man obsessed with life, it would seem, and I think he's still fighting with his wife about all this, but my opinion is:
He would rather be a dead hero than a live one. And in that I think he accomplished his druthers.#

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